Pinapple Dreams…. The Desert that will Save Your Summer (Body, that is!)

All that knitting and crocheting can really work up a hankering for a snack, but in keeping with my credo that, just like business, there is no reason good thing cannot be good for you, and your family too,  that I try and keep the snacking on the healthy side.

   WAIT! Don’t click away yet!

Hear me out!

  I am a HUGH fan of Chocolate Covered Katie and her healthy dessert blog, but I was raised with health food snacks and am very open minded when it comes to flavors.

My husband… not so much. He likes things to taste like what he is used to, and can we blame him? “What-we-are-all-used-to” has been pretty darn tasty, even if it’s not so good for us!

Buy our dear friend Katie, Bless her sweet little chocolate covered heart (Mmmmmmm!) has saved the day, and our Pineapple-Dole-Whip_thumbbutts, with this one! It is Dole Whip.

Dole Whip is a Disney theme park treat. And as Katie tells us, “The original Dole Whip—a swirled pineapple soft-serve dessert—enjoys somewhat of a cult following, with long lines of up to an hour at every location where it is served. There’s even an app to tell hungry tourists how long they can expect to wait!

This popular frozen treat is only available at a few select locations, the most famous being Aloha Island near the Tiki Room in Disney’s Magic Kingdom.”

Now we can have Dole Whip at home, AND enjoy a smaller behind at the same time! But, Shhh! Don’t tell anyone it’s good for them and, I promise, they’ll never guess it!

 Here is the Link to the recipe Dole Whip

   I whipped some up last night. It was so simple. Just freeze some pineapple (I used fresh), then add sugar (I used 1/2 tbs instead of the 2 tbs called for, as my pineapple was sweet enough!), milk (I used organic whole milk, but any milk… low fat or even non-dairy soy, rice or almond for our Vegan friends will do just as well). I omitted the lemon juice because I did not have one on hand, but did add the pinch of salt.

   I whirred it up in my Ninja and then scooped it into bowls, because… love ya Katie, but, really? Those little paper cups are cute, but not realistic once you taste this stuff! Come on, admit it, you ate about 12 of those things didn’t you?!

   There is some kind of alchemical magic that occurs when you whir this recipe up that produces an unexpectedly ice cream like consistency and makes the final result way beyond the individual ingredients used to make it!

In short… its gone!

We ate it all! And, Do I feel guilty

 No! Not at all! The half of this recipe that I scoffed down equals only about 84 calories*, 1.2 grams of fat, and 15.5 grams of sugar. It contains little cholesterol, lots of fiber, and tons of vitamins and minerals.

  Yeah, you gotta try this!

   Today, I am going out for more fruit. Perhaps frozen Banana AND Pineapple! Yum!

  My deepest heartfelt “Thank you!” to Katie and her insatiable drive for healthy desserts! You saved my bum! tiny heart



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